Stamping Tips

Blossom Stamps



I include a guarantee and tip sheet with every order so even those with little experience in using rubber stamps will be assured of success.


Mounted Photopolymer Stamps Tips

With proper care, your stamp will last for thousands of impressions!


1. Your stamps arrive with a light coat of powder on them as polymer stamps are naturally a bit tacky on the stamping surface.


2. A slight chemical odor is normal for all new photopolymer stamps and non-toxic. It will dissipate with time.


3. Make several test prints before using on the final project. **An ink pad with a firm surface is recommended for highly detailed or small stamps.** Pat ink pad down onto upturned surface of large stamps.


4. To clean, use a gentle touch and baby wipes or stamp cleaner. Do not soak or scrub stamps. Warning: Solvent based cleaners, such as Staz-On brand, should be avoided! They can damage photopolymer. Staz-On solvent ink is ok, but will eventually harden stamp with repeated use!


5. Some inks may stain the surface of your stamp. This will not affect the quality of the stamp.


6. Polymer stamps are produced using UV light. For longest life, store out of direct light.


7. ** Rubber stamps may contain small parts. Some stamp styles have small parts and glass. Blossom Stamps are not designed or intended for use by children.**