100+ Ideas for Rubber Stamps!

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 100+ Ideas for Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps aren't just for scrapbooking!

1. Decorate your journal

2. Stamp messages/pictures onto your kid’s lunch bags

3. Make your own gift tags - paper, clay, wood

4. Stamp your logo and shop address onto your thank-you notes.

5. Press into polymer clay for awesome texture. Make a pendant!


6. Make your own gift wrap

7. Stamp a motif onto plain fabric and sew your own original creation

8. Stamp your own business cards

9. Stamp earring and jewelry backing cards

10. Address stamps - stamp a pile of envelopes ahead of time!

11. Bleach Stamping! - make an "ink pad" out of folded paper towel or felt scraps. Add a bit of bleach. Stamp onto colored paper. Watch your image appear! See here for full instructions http://www.heywandererblog.com

12. Of course - greeting cards!

13. Decorate scrapbook page

14. Stamp and make envelope seals on adhesive labels or punched paper

15. Decorate a boring t-shirt

16. Create bookmarks

17. Make your own fun stickers - stamp Avery labels

18. Embroidery patterns - just stamp on fabric and embroider.

19. Remove labels from chocolate bars and replace with a stamped paper sleeve to match your party theme, Halloween, Easter.

20. Decorate plain envelopes

21. Stamp scrabble tiles for pendants.

22. Kid tattoos - using washable ink!

23. Stamp sew in or iron-on fabric labels "handmade by..." or your logo!

24. Decorate wooden boxes, frames, dresser fronts

25. Stamp on walls. A lot faster than stenciling!

26. Stamp your favorite inspirational quote, verse, saying onto everything you mail out - even your bills!

27. Stamp recipe cards, canning jar labels, labels for food items that you give as gifts.

28. Stamp your own bookplates on paper or adhesive labels.

29. Emboss Velvet! Here is how: http://www.instructables.com/id/Emboss-Velvet-with-Rubber-Stamps-and-a-Household-I/

30. Make Christmas tree ornaments


31. Push into fresh homemade soap

32. Decorate candles http://web.archive.org/web/20070329002316/http://members.iinet.net.au/~campbell1/projects.htm#stamp


34. Set a particularly pretty stamp on a shelf for a bit of home decor (I did this and it's really not weird;0!)

35. A handstamp to show entrance payment for an event - I once made a chili pepper for a chili cookoff event!

36. Use as collage elements

37. Stamp on plain lampshades

38. Decorate plain/recycled box for shipping or gift giving

39. Make framed art - Stamp a beautiful stamp on quality paper. Hand color!

40. Make party invitations

41. Decorate pages of a plain notepad

42. Awesome in polymer clay. Use to make pendants, magnets, buttons, and your own signature to mark your creations.

43. Stamp on tissue paper - use for decoupage projects. Beautiful on Easter Eggs!

44. Table Setting cards

45. Coordinated Party set - cups, hats, tablecloth, napkins

46. Decorate the cork on a boring cork board

47. Decorate a mouse pad - cut adhesive label to size, stamp stick on and cover with self-adhesive laminate

48. Decorate doll clothes - It will look like embroidery!

49. Speaking of dolls - use tiny stamps to make dollhouse wallpaper or "framed art."

50. Decorate a plain necktie


51. Stamp waterslide decal paper with permanent ink. Heat set and decorate ceramics

52. Embellish an apron

53. Liven up a plain tote bag

54. Jazz up the edge pf plain pillowcases with fabric-friendly ink

55. Stamp on little notecards to tuck in your kids lunches.

56. Stamp around the top or middle of a wall to use as a unique inexpensive border.

57. Can't paint? Stamp on wood and fill in with paint. Like your own paint-by-number template.

58. Decorate a clipboard

59. You know those little round storage tins with the clear lid? Stamp and decorate circles to fit into the bottom. Store your supplies in style!

60. Stamp a favorite motif or letters on ribbon. Use in your crafts or to wrap a gift!

61. Stamp wooden disks. Glue on a magnet for your fridge or drill a small hole and add a jumpring to use as a pendant or add string for a classy gift tag.

62. Use on wedding invitations, save the date cards, table setting cards, wedding programs. Use cute wedding theme stamps or get a custom made one with your names!

63. Decorate paper napkins or table runners for birthday parties, weddings or other events.

64. Stamp onto fabric with fabric ink. Use on cloth napkins, tea towels, pillow cases and more.

65. use Shrinky Dink paper and permanent ink to create jewelry or charms... just remember to punch holes before you bake

66. stamp flash cards, memory games, and board games for rainy day fun

67. NEW, clean stamps - stamp into fondant icing with food coloring or to just leave a subtle impression. Or lightly stamp hard royal icing with food coloring inks.


68. Stamp your own Specialty Balloons

69. Stamp flowerpots!

70. Mokume Gane!! - a technique in polymer clay. Multiple, thin layers of 2-3 colors of clay are deeply impressed with a stamp. A sharp blade shaves of the bumps revealing the pattern and colors below. Gorgeous!

71. Stamping on dominoes to make a magnet or pendant

72. Display the actual stamps in an old printers drawer, one that is often used nowadays for a shadow box

73. Stamp on fabric as a guide for seed beed embroidery or re-trace using fabric paint.

74. Stamp on ceramic tile or glass vases using glass paint. My son made my MIL a cute ladybug tile this way!

75. Stamp plain matchbook covers. Great for parties, showers

76. Let your kids stamp a stack of paper lunch bags. A fun project to get ready for back-to-school and makes it easy to find their lunch!

77. A custom stamp makes a great teacher gift!

78. Kids will love stamping into playdough!

79. Have a custom stamp made of your child's name in a fun font for use on cards and thank you notes. A great way to encourage letters to grandma! Together with some pre-stamped stationary, makes a great gift idea!

80. Make Hot Glue seals for envelopes or embellishments. Here is how: http://www.coxes.com/stamping/samples/seals/index.htm

81. Another Shrinky Dink idea - make suncatchers!

82. Stamp important dates on calendars - cakes on birthdays, hearts on anniversaries, etc

83. Use a stamp plus embossing ink plus embossing powder on glass. Heat set. Use as a resist to etch the surrounding glass using etching cream. Follow directions for etching cream and then scrape off the embossed area to reveal your stamped picture!

84. A stamped dominoes windchime - very cool!

85. Use a stamp as an embossing template. http://justsomethingimade.blogspot.com/2009/08/custom-embossed-stationery.html

86. Stamp your friends. Because you can. Mwahahaha.

87. With tiny stamps, stamp your nails and cover with a clear coat of polish.

88. Help your kids to dress themselves. Stamp tags for hangers to help them to match. Ex. A shirt with a tiger tag, matches pants with a tiger tag.

89. Geocache tokens - Stamp those blank wooden circles fron the craft store with your own distinctive stamp.

90. Reward tokens for kids on chip board or wood disks. Stamp words like "Good Job" or themed stamps like insects. They receive an award once they;ve accumulated a certain number!

91. Make a stack of postcards out of heavy cardstock. Some stamp makers even sell a vintagey "Post Card" stamp for the back!

92. 3D wall art. Stamp your design on cardstock and embellish. Cut out the design and apply with thick, double sided adhesie squares to a canvas or matboard on which you have previously painted a background .

93. Stamp business size cardstock (repurpose and cut some plain backsides from greeting cards) with a cheery stamp and leave for someone to find as guerilla art.

94. Stamp business card size greetings to leave at your fav place of business where you can say *thank you for your great service, you made my day*

95. Use in a resist technique on fabric: apply water soluble glue onto the stamp to print images onto fabric. Let dry. Then sponge or brush acrylic paint over the whole fabric; use different colors. Let dry thoroughly. Heat set with an iron and non stick cover. Soak this fabric in a pan of lukewarm water to dissolve the water-soluble glue. Use a nail brush or a credit card to scrape the loosened paint off to reveal the stamped designs. Very cool and Fun!

96. Make a beautiful and special gift card holder - make one out of cardstock or decorate a tin.

97. Check out http://www.photoweights.com/. Decorate some cardstock with stamped designs for a wonderful gift idea!

98. Stamp and decorate tags and assemble with a book ring as a "Coupon Book" promising foot rubs, car washes and other inexpensive but meaningful gifts.

99. Wine charms!

100. Make paper beads! Use standard weight paper. Stamp and decorate along one edge. Cut into narrow strips or triangles. Roll around toothpick and secure end with glue. 2 coats Modgepodge for shine - put bead on toothpick and into some styrofoam to dry.

101. Decorative Ceramic Tiles for display. Use permanent ink pads on unglazed tiles. You can add color using paint, Sharpies or decorative chalks (found in the inkpad aisle). Seal with a spray varnish such as Krylon. Use those little display easels to add a beautiful accent to any room.

102. Use rubber stamps and StazOn Ink to stamp on copper, which is then chemically etched for a raised design

103. Rubber stamps are wonderful in PMC (Precious Metal Clay). Add a texture, fire, and get unique sterling silver jewelry!

104. Stamp the sides of a memo paper cube. Makes a great teacher gift!

105. Weddings - place card, favor bags, invitations, save the dates, save the date magnets


106. Stamp wooden clothespins for holding memos, add a magnet for the fridge, display photos

107. Stamp paint chip strips for diy bookmarks


108. Stamp coasters - wood, tile, pressed board

109. Stamped muslin bags are perfect for small gifts and party favors!

110. Stamp handles of disposable bamboo utensils. So cute on those little ice cream spoons!

111. Stamp the edge of a plain tea towel. Makes a welcomed hostess gift!

112. Dry out used tea bags, cut open and iron flat. Beautiful background for stamping! 

Found on khenkel.blogspot.ca

113. Decorate your planner or calendar with cute reminder stamps for doctor appointments, gym, haircuts, etc.

114. Decorate those inexpensive round, cork trivets from Ikea with a permanent ink for an inexpensive gift.

115. Air dry clay refrigerator magnets! Roll out the clay to about 1/4" thicknss, stamp with your favorite rubber stamp. Cut out with a small cutter and allow to air dry. Sand away any rough edges and finished with diluted acrylic paint topped with a coat of clear glss water based finish for a glazed ceramic effect. Glue a strong button magnet to the back.